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Hager JK1104S 100A 4 Pole Mains Switch Incomer Kit

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Hager JK11004S
Invicta 3 - 100A 4 Pole Incomer Switch Kit

Suitable for use with all Hager Invicta 3 Phase 125A Distribution Boards

Hager Invicta 3 Distribution Boards
Multiple incomer choices for 125A and 250A boards
Optimal cabling space
Earth and neutral bars positioned for easier cabling
Screws on earth and neutral bars need less turns to fit cable
Unique trunking entry system no need for paxolin
Metering fitted next to incomer / within board
Wide range of extension boxes for side, top and bottom
No spacers needed to mount boards, cableways or extension boxes
Removable door and front cover for ease of fitting
100A tap off for board extensions or MCB